Alyssa Reece – I Only Fuck Alpha Males

I would never fuck you. I only fuck guys with nice hard throbbing cocks. I need a man who can really fuck me the way I deserve and can make me cum over and over again. I only like men that are true alphas and that know how to please a woman. I want a bull, a man who can take me from every position and make my entire body shake. You're only good for one thing and that's cleaning up my man's load if you're lucky. I'm going on a date tonight with a really hot guy with a huge cock. Maybe if you're good, after he cums inside me I'll let you clean it up. You'd like that wouldn't you? Just imagine how good his cum tastes, I know you would love it, getting to lick up all that jizz. You're a cum slut cuckold. Only an alpha male gets to fuck me, not a loser with a tiny dick like you. Maybe one time I'll let you stand in the corner and watch me get fucked. You want my man's cum don't you

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