Goddess Kalina - Booty

HIS POV: I’d love for an outfit like in the clip “worship my shiny booty” with the pink shiny leggings. Use my name throughout and tell me I will be getting high for you tonight on . Tell me to take out my 2 bottles that I’ve prepared to get extra high. Tell me to take both bottles in both hands and start sniffing. I will alternate between sniffing and edging. Make me sniff for a few minutes, with both hands holding , sniffing and holding my breaths with either deep or quick sniffs, it’s up to you how you make me sniff. While sniffing, tease me with your face and lips/tongue while I can’t stroke since I’m holding both bottles, tell me that you control me and own me. Then make me put down the bottles and stroke and edge for you, while teasing me with your ass in shiny leggings, and make me edge to your perfect body, you can have me sniffing with just one bottle in one hand and stroking with other, or just edging with no sniffing. Alternate between sniffing with two bottles, then edging until you give me a final countdown in the end, where you stop at the count of 5, then make me take the biggest hit of the clip, multiple deep hits with both bottles, then finish the countdown and make me cum for your perfect ass in shiny leggings. MY POV: It’s so fun getting you fucked up, tonight you will be alternating between sniffing on two bottles and edging like crazy for my HOT ASS! I spend a few minutes getting you fucked up before I even allow you to start jerking to my ass. But even when I do a single bottle must stay at your nose at all times! Only allowed to cum if you sniff how I say. Obey and get fucking trashed for me.

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