Danielle Maye - Drink From My Naked Ass

Your so fucking weak. think you can resist me??? well lets play a little game.....
Lets see how long it takes for me to get some money from you.
How about a drink, start with a little shot, ready 3,2,1, drink. thats a good boy, quickly now same again. GO.
by the time we are finished your be begging to take me to the shopping centre to treat me like the princess iam.
How about ill tease you, just showing the under cup of my ass. DRINK!!
Feeling it yet, bet you are you pussy. ill have a little drink to, just so you don't feel lonely.
Time for the big , my Italian friend brought me some Grappa on his last trip home, how about we have a few shots of that...%80 PROOF 'cqwazkkfhggqw' haha yes very strong isnt it!!
Look at you now, your a mess, we aren't quite finished yet, one more drink of pure gin but with a twist, ill let you lap this up from my bare naked ass.

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