Mystie Mae - Mystie's Night Out Part 3

Hi there little dick, I didn't even notice you behind this article I was reading. It was about monogamous relationships and how they're not for me, like I already thought. Anyways, you know I need a nice well hung man to fuck me until I orgasm. You're little nothing dick could never do that for me. That's why I have to go out so much and find big dicks to fuck. I have already fucked Tony and Lou, tonight I'll be adding another one. Kerrie and I are going out to the bar and meeting Brian. Then we're going to go back to his place and have lots of fun, the three of us. We ended up giving him a double blowjob, he ate us out, and of course fucked us until we couldn't cum anymore. He also blew his giant load into both of us when we're all done.. And well little nothing fuck, you'll have to listen to hear all of the details and see what you get now that I'm back home.

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