Marissa Sweet - Stronger Than You

This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual, the script reads as followed: I'm a skinny dude, maybe 125 lbs soaking wet. You hear I've been working out a lot, you observe I look as puny as ever or maybe even weaker. Meanwhile you mention you've been lifting weights for only a little while (compared to me anyway) and have already seen amazing results. You show off your arms (biceps, shoulders), abs, and other areas, telling me about how much you can lift (and how much more it is than me), how much stronger you are and that your muscles look bigger and firmer. You continue to tease me, laughing, as you reflect on how easy it has been for you to put on muscle whilst I have been slaving away in the gym. You flex and show off some more, coercing me to compare muscle groups with you, focus on upper body. Then you decide to show off your strength by doing some kind of upper body exercise. After the exercise you remark about how easy and good it felt, flexing again with a grin. You notice me starting to get a little nervous and with slyness get closer, you point out you were always the same height or maybe even a little taller than me and now you're stronger too. You point out that your shoulders are already wider than my pathetic ones, etc. Finally, you discuss your future plans for getting bigger and stronger and continuing to surpass me completely, finishing out with more flexing and showing off. Plenty of teasing/giggling. No names or nudity.

MP4 * 1.55 GB * 00:12:27 * 1920x1080

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