Goddess Natalie - Post Easter JOI and CEI for my sissies

Easter is almost over, but that doesn't mean all the fun involving chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and all the rest of the fun stuff has to be over, too. I'm pretty sure you still have some chocolates left in the fridge, don't you? Have you been saving up a nice fat load for me, as well? I hope so, cause that will go really well with the desserts I want you to binge on today. But eating Easter goodies is just not the same without being properly dressed up, is it? So go ahead and put on your sluttiest, most feminine clothes on and make sure you don't forget the bunny make-up. I want you to look perfect for what I'm going to make you do. I know you know what that is...you've been craving for this since a long time now, haven't you?

The truth is you'll do anything to please me...anything for my beautiful face, amazing smile, sexy lips...anything for my power...anything for my stunning body and delicate look..anything to make me happy and to get my wallet fatter. Absolutely anything I wish for. In fact, you will not even protest, since you're dying to taste that hot, super-salty load, just to prove to me how dedicated you truly are. Well..let's see what you've got little sissy!

MP4 * 174 MB * 00:16:10 * 848x480

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