Goddess Valora - Oops Youre A Permanent Bimbo Now

When we got married, I promised to stand by you no matter what. I did just that when I found out about your sissy fetish. You’re My husband and I love you so I encouraged this fetish of yours. I found a camp where men like you can go to get sissy training so I signed you up and sent you off. Well it’s been a month now and you’ve finally come home but you look drastically different. You’ve got giant DSL lips, 10,000 cc tits, a big fake ass and somehow they gave you an hourglass figure. You’re pretty mad with Me because this isn’t what the brochure said. But you know what, we’ll work through this. Since they trained you to suck cock, maybe that can be your new job. You gotta look on the bright side sweetie because there’s no going back to your former life. You’re a bimbo forever.

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