Macy Nikole - Small Dick Loser Made to Lick Me Clean

You’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to take the beautiful Macy Nikole out for a date and nice, sensitive guy that you are, you’ve made her happy enough to want to take things a bit further with you. Things go downhill very quickly for you however the second you pull your pants down and show her your unusually small shrimp like loser dick. Macy proceeds to destroy your ego with a verbal teardown you’ll never recover from, before deciding to give your pathetic manhood a go anyway to try and satisfy her needs. After trying your little cock in various positions she decided to find a better use for her stinky sweat slave, tasked to clean her nasty armpits, her sweaty princess ass and feet. Licking the stinkiest parts of her body clean is the closest you’ll ever get to her as you become Macy Nikole’s sweat slut in this POV humiliation and worship clip!

MP4 * 1.80 GB * 00:12:58 * 1920x1080

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