Dommelia - The Most Unfair Girlfriend In The World

Stop cleaning my boots right NOW and listen to me, I need to speak to you URGENTLY! Why did you think it was appropriate last night at the restaurant for you to speak to the waitress?! I don’t care if you were just saying hello, I have made the rules clear you FUCKING IDIOT! Despite keeping you locked in a spiked chastity cage for the past three months after I caught you looking at our neighbour, it would seem you still can’t follow SIMPLE RULES! It’s no wonder I need to fuck other men when you treat me like this! How many more privileges do I need to take away from you? I’ve already taken your phone away, make you rest on the sofa and eat on the floor, what more will it take?? You’re a worthless piece of trash, you should be FUCKING THANKFUL to have a girlfriend like me! Are you LEAKING in your cage?? Right, you leave me no choice! Once you’ve finished cleaning my boots, come upstairs immediately so I can deal with you!

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