Goddess Isabel - I'm Your Boss Now!

Hey little insignificant servant, welcome back! You're complitely fucked, I'm your Boss! You, fuckin idiot, you have destroyed my society! You're a fuckin dumbass!Get the fuck out! Oh...Wait...Maybe you can rest...oh yeah, of course you can. Start to clean my floor with your dirty tongue if you don't wanna lose your job! Ahah you look so weak and scared, You Love Your Mean Boss ! You love to be treated like s**t! I want you to clean my feet, NOW! Good boy, let's go, i want to buy something new , i want a new pair of shoes, a new dress....obviously YOU WILL PAY! I know that you can't stop watching my clips, my pics...i'm your addiction...stroke your cock for me , NOW!

MP4 * 249 MB * 00:06:43 * 1920x1080

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