Goddess Dri – MORE FinDom Game with Cards

This was a custom clip. We are going to play the “MORE” game again, but this time there is some chance. Get a pack of playing cards, pick 2 at random. The first will be how many hundreds or thousands each “more” will be, and the second, if it’s an odd number, will mean you’ll pay hundreds, and if it is even it’s thousands. All picture cards count as the number 10, so if you pick 1 then a jack, each “more” for the whole clip will be $1000, or a 1 and a 3, each “more” will be $100, this way every time you play the “MORE” game will be different. There is a surprise change in the rules at the end before a hot cum countdown.

MP4 * 359 MB * 00:10:28 * 1920x1080

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