Worship Amber - You Are A Cupcake

You aren't mad at me, are you, cupcake?

I am a vanilla wife (with a sadistic streak) who is confessing her infidelity to you, my husband. I am nervous and apologetic, but you also are happy and unable to suppress it. After all, you are a submissive wimp, and I'll explain that with my new lover I am getting my needs met in ways that hadn't been understood before -- he's so physical! I am really sorry you're upset, so I turn and offer to sit on your face in my underwear, and let you kiss my ass, like it will make you feel any better, haha. !

I've got a great idea. The two of us can have an open relationship -- you can take a lover, too! There are probably lots of women who will think it's hot that you like wearing girls' underwear. You can start with these when you go on dates. I offer my panties to you to put on. !

You look adorable and I suggest that you masturbate because that always makes you feel better. I lick and suck on my fingers and smile at you, and blow you some kisses. Belittling encouragement -- "good boy...you can do it..." I turn and tell you that you can smell my ass some more while you cum, and I laugh at you.!

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