Goddess Dri – Cucked for having a small dick

See, I like you. You are so sweet to me, you treat me so well, you fund my life, you treat me well, you take me to nice places… you give me everything I want and I really appreciate that. Every time I want new shoes, lingerie, or any kind of luxury, you are there for me. I know you have hopes of getting in bed with me but… I’ve seen your dick and I was so disappointed! I really wanted to fuck you but I just can’t. If your cock is that small I could never ride that. I am really sorry that your cock is that small! Well… since I would never fuck that thing, I thought that we could still have this relationship of ours while I fuck real men who have bigger cocks than you, it is only fair that I get the best of both worlds, right? I am a Goddess after all.

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