Astro Domina - FEVER DREAM PART 2

Welcome back to our finsub life training.. complete your journey into your inescapable finslave fate!

Sydney continues from part 1, where she had reduced your mind into a small pile of moldable putty. Through her vicious verbal humiliation and implanting of triggers and thoughts, she's softened your brain to the point where she can really start reprogramming you.

Stare at her sexy, shiney lips as she instructs you on how to ruin your life, cut all ties with the people in your life and devote all your time, money and energy to her. She orders you to break up with your girlfriend, so you can worship Sydney as her cuckold. You won't be getting pussy any more slave, you're always going to be left on the edge, denied and cucked for the rest of your life!

And all for Sydney's sadistic sexual pleasure.. her excitement at your future suffering is palpable and impossible to resist.. watch and listen as she describes how you will be living a life of constant teasing and denial hell! Are you ready to take the plunge, finslave? This is the point of no return – if you cum at the end of this video you will forever become enslaved to her. What will it be, slave??

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