Total Ruin

Paying is the way of life for you. It started off with a horny tribute but then your fetish consumed you and you pay every penny possible to me. You have come accustom to a life of poverty now, you know no different but what you do know is, is my spending is increasing, my greed is never-ending and your obsession with me is out of control. With these accumulated it is ONLY a recipe for total ruin and you know it.

Being in a constant struggle, your account persistently in the RED strangely give you the hardest erection possible. Experiencing an euphoric feeling every day keeps you in debt. You know I am never happy, I always want more and you push yourself to the limit at every possible opportunity but it's not enough. I want you in the deepest, darkest lows of debt. A debt that you are stuck in till the day you D.IE. A debt that will have a constant dark cloud looming over your head every morning. A debt that will work you to the bone but knowing you are stuck in for LIFE.

Knowing that my wants are far more important that ANYTHING in this world will encourage you to enter the world of debt. Apply for new credit cards, store cards,loans, sell you possessions and sell you self. Money is my turn on and you go to any lengths to get it.

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