Goddess Jasmine - How The Mighty Fall

Haha, how the mighty fall! How long have you been this business man? How long did you have to work for all this? This house and all your cars. I'm guessing over a million. You also have a wife that you wanted to try and hide. Ha no way. You are sitting there on your knees because I am taking it all.

You are so fucked. All of this will soon be mine. You have worked so hard for and it's all going to be mine. You really thought your life sorted out, until you met me. Something about me that just made you lose all control. Ha. I have the key to your belt and I think I will just keep you locked up forever. I have the contract written up just sign it. Good boy. I rule your life now and all this expensive luxury is going to be mine. Your entire life was leading up to this point. Leaving you down on your knees in chastity, pale faced, pathetic and penniless. Well Done. Now get out and take wifey with you!

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