Princess Mia, Princess Heidi - You're Too FAT To Even Be AROUND Us

Spoiled bratty rich Princesses Mia & Heidi think it's HILARIOUS that you think you could EVER go out with THEM! LOL!

In this clip they talk about how DISGUSTING they think you are and how GROSS all fat people are to them!

They really really go off too...even talking about how they would put you on a ""fat pig slave diet"" where they make you come into the restaurant, kneel next to their table where they are eating with all their hot girlfriends- and not give you a SINGLE BITE of food! They are going to STARVE you until you're not so F*CKING GROSS & FAT to them! Oh, but they ARE going to throw the check at you and make you pay for it when it comes- and laugh at you- right in front of their friends! LOL!

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