Goddess Fiona - Transformation Deed

Wow, you have been SUCH a scummy husband. Such a scummy piece of crud husband… really?? skipping out on your postpartum wife every night to fuck other women, other non-postpartum women… other women who are young and hott and fresh pussied and eager to fuck a man with a big dick. Thats what you do. And all the while you leave your horny sexless postpartum wife at home to tend to your brand new offspring. But, I know that about you. So I’m going to push karma along and help it smack you right in the ass. You’ll get what you deserve… you’ll get it. Because I’m going to transform you. I’m going to use my witchy magic to transform you from a sexy handsome jiggalo to exactly the person you never wanted to be. Little by little, step by step, detail by detail, I take you through an intense transformation you’ll never forget. No physical or mental trait is left untouched as I elegantly describe exactly how I’m going to transform you into just the human being you never wanted to fuck anymore. And funnily enough, this whole situation actually AROUSES you!!!! It arouses you so much that you might not even be able to contain your orgasm! This emotional and physical change with wreak havoc on your life, its time for you to get yours mister. I told you it would come around to smack you in the ass… its your turn now to become a horny sexless maiden so desperate to get fucked by her husband..

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