Demon Goddess J - Goddess Worship and Findom

It's laughable to think you were raised in a patriarchy. To think that males have a shred of superiority it just doesn't make sense does it? It's time for you to grow up and see behind the curtain. Women are walking Goddesses and are to be worshipped as such, you are going to learn and embrace the truth of Gynarchy. In reality a woman can bring any male to his knees with a bit of mind games and flexing her pussy power. It's time to wash you of that dirty mindset you were raised with and teach you how to be a good submissive supplicant. I will use your weaknesses to bring you to heel until your heart is consumed with Goddess worship, serving Me, and sending worthy tributes. It takes so much stress off your shoulder to be bound to be Me. There's so much less to worry about when every problem is solved by asking yourself, œwhat would Goddess want me to do?. It's a peaceful existence to serve a Goddess. It gives your work meaning when you're laboring away for My happiness. It feels so good to serve Me and make Me smile instead of overanalyzing your own thoughts about a fruitless existence. Worship Me and new life is breathed into your lungs. Worship Me and problems melt into the background. It feels so good to be a good boy. Calm all of your thoughts with this sweet lecture and mantra lesson. Remember your place as you worship My ass and repeat after Me.

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