Goddess Hayden Hart - Our Little Secret

I have some exciting news. I'm pregnant! You and I have wanted this for a long time. Before you get too excited I just need to say that the offspring could be another guy's offspring. In fact it is another guy's offspring. Don't let that part get you down. You have wanted a offspring for the longest time and now we will have a offspring in the house. You can raise the offspring. It will be our little secret. My lover is fine with you raising the offspring. He doesn't have any interest in raising a offspring. My lover even calls during our discussion. We poke fun of you while you sit and wait on us to finish the phone call. We even joke about how you wear ladies panties. After we finish our phone call, I explain how he is an alpha and you are beta. It's just the way it is. An alpha male got me pregnant and you get to raise his offspring.

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