Goddess Natalie - Cucky findom - pay for my date

Hi loser, guess what? I'm about to go on a nice trip with my boyfriend to have lots of fun, enjoy good food, drink lots of good wine, relax and have sex ;) and that's right, obviously not with a loser like you! But you might get lucky if you do as I say and pay for all of our fun times - pay for us to go out and eat, pay for our food, for our drinks, for our club entries, for our hotel...and we might even let you get a glimpse into our fun times haha but you know that you wont' be involved, don't you, cucky? All you get to do is to watch and keep your mouth shut as you wank your little lonely prick ;) oh, and if you wanna get to see it all live, it will cost you a lot, bitch, but you'd do anything just to see me fucking an alpha male, wouldn't you? Such a cuckolded loser!

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