Goddess Jessi Belle - 3some Becomes a 2some Without You

You really want to have a threesome with your wife, but she seems hesitant. It's not so much that she doesn't want to, it is that she knows that if it happens and she has a REAL orgasm that she won't want to stay with you. She will know what it is like to cum for real instead of how she fakes it with you!

You aren't a cuck, you don't want to watch another man fuck your wife. You want a woman to join, but even then another woman can make her cum so much better than you ever could.

Your wife will leave you, maybe not for the third partner, but she will leave you for someone, maybe another man - a REAL MAN. A man that can make her cum over and over again.

You'll hear her cum so hard and wonder why she doesn't cum like that with you, but you're a short dick little loser. You couldn't last longer than a few pumps. Watching your wife with another woman might even make you cum before you get your pants off. Then you will really be useless.

No matter how you play it out your wife will always cum so much better with someone giving it to her, She's gonna leave you, but that's for the best!

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