PotKitten - I like it when he bullies you

Super sweet & genuine friendzone/cuckold/bully with light elements of findom. I want to look good for this guy that bullies you so I make you wait for me to get all dolled up for him and ofcourse I like to keep you drooling.. You're my best friend and let me walk all over you and use you. Tonight I thought I'd just come clean and admit that I know how in love you are with me and make you an offer I know you can't resist. Just let my cru$h bully and push you around for me and you get what you always wanted in return: to be able to watch me get changed like I would with a gay bestfriend lol! Bet you didn't expect to be completely dominated by a sweet girl like me.. ya you love being my little bitch don't you

MP4 * 960 MB * 00:08:40 * 1920x1080

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