Goddess Jessi Belle - A Loser's Hell

Hell for a normal person would be being whipped, beaten, hurt, day after day after day. A normal person would hate this, but for you this is normal, this is something you want! You'd want to be spit on, hurt, whipped, being down on your knees for a dominant woman. Let's say we take all of that away, you're still a loser, but you're not allowed to get on your knees, not used. How does that sound? Not being submissive to a dominant woman would be your hell.

Spending an eternity not being allowed to serve, to ruin your orgasms, not being told how much you are hated would be a true Hell for you. You could be down on your knees, being used like the little fuck you are, being beaten, hurt, ruined, but why would you deserve this kind of reward?

Take it all away and leave you alone to wander around aimlessly, THAT is your true hell.

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