Goddess Jessi Belle - You're Stupid and Selfish

Let's think really hard, I know it hurts for you to think but I am going to help. What does your Goddess love? The correct answer here is money! I love YOUR money. I love not having to do anything and you still send me money!

It's not that simple, right? When you buy videos you should be using mark up codes! I deserve the extra money because that's just what I deserve. When you watch them, jerk off to them, next you should TRIBUTE! You can only satisfy me with money.

Why aren't you always using mark up codes and not sending tributes after? Because you're stupid and selfish. I don't give a fuck if you cum or not, but I do care that I get money from you to show me how appreciative you are.

You buy videos with mark up codes, then you tribute, then you send gift cards. It's so simple that even an idiot like you can do it!

MP4 * 175 MB * 00:10:11 * 1920x1080

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