Goddess Fiona - Loser Life Control - Debt Contract Roleplay Fantasy

I am an accountant that you have hired to do your taxes; you and your wife came to my office earlier in the day, and she’s smarter than you so she brought everything she was supposed to. Her half is done. Unfortunately, being the big dummy you are, you forgot to bring several of the papers I would have needed to complete the taxes for filing, and I also noticed you practically drooling over my sexy feet during the appointment. I told both you and your wife that I would be happy to finish the taxes later tonight if you wouldn’t mind dropping off the papers that I needed to complete them. You willingly obliged because, well, you’re already fawning over my feet, and my beauty. You’d have practically made up an excuse to see me again anyway!

You bring the papers over, and long story short... I manipulate you into signing over your ENTIRE life to me!!!! hahahah what an idiot, it was too easy! How'd I do it? You're just going to have to purchase to find out what lengths I've gone to to manipulate your sorry ass. And I can't WAIT for the amount of control I’m going to have over you! Wait till your wife hears about this!

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