misswhip - POV Tiny Dicked Premature Ejac Foot Loser

I know all of you skinny dicked perverts love collecting my twisted POV SPH videos- you're in luck because here's yet another (two in a row this week, lucky you).

I broke up with you after a few disappointing, boring months and I'm letting you have a little tiny pity fuck for your sad pin prick of a dick. You can only get hard for feet and I already know it's going to be underwhelming like every other time I've reluctantly had sex with you so make it quick like you always do lol. Keep looking at my feet so you don't go soft... you know how fucking pitiful that is to have to say to someone, right? I'm never dating someone with a prematurely ejaculating microdick ever again!

MP4 * 677 MB * 00:09:30 * 1920x1080

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