Goddess Natalie - Your loser tax is due - June 2019

You are always on my freaking page, always taking advantage of how sexy and amazing my videos look, always jerking off to my vids and pic and cumming harder than ever before...so I think it's only fair that you paid me what you owe me, loser! This is your loser tax for the month of June 2019, and it covers for all the many times you will feel incredible thanks to me and hide in a corner of your house, in front of the computer, the way only losers do, so you can watch me, listen to my mesmerizing voice, let yourself go, lose all control and immerse yourself into a unique experience. For all that I always offer you and will, you owe me big time, you pathetic little thing! Because a girl like me will never look at you in real life, because I am way too hot for you, because I always give 110%, because I am unique and amazing, because I mesmerize you in ways that no other Goddess ever did, because you're a pathetic loser who can't get laid in real life, because you owe me, because I said so - just a few of the reasons why you will pay your tax NOW!

MP4 * 388 MB * 00:03:52 * 1904x1088

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