Mandy Marx - You Have A Millimeter Dick It’s Even Smaller Than A Micropenis

I forgot just how small your dick is LOL! I see you're back for more small penis lol. Did I tell you last time that if you trim your pubes you might gain some length lol? Well visually anyway haha. And I don't mean you'd add like an inch, maybe like millimeters. I'm kinda hoping you might want to come in for a session and film with me because I don't have any boys currently with dicks as small as yours lol. You have a true micropenis and they film so well LOL! And you're so pathetic that I'll bet you'd be willing to degrade yourself for me on camera to show everyone lol.

Do you understand the metric system? Because your dick is so small that we can only truly use millimeters to measure it properly. No more inches. Whenever you're talking to anyone about your little penis whether in real life or online, you can only mention it's 'size' in centimeters or millimeters. Do you understand?

Your dick is so small we're not even going to talk about 'it' anymore. We're going to talk about other notable cocks in your life. Like your wife's ex boyfriend's cock, it's so big that you know about it. How is your cock so small that you know the nickname that he had for his dick? What was it? Soup can. I'll bet your wife's girlfriends still talk about it. And I'll bet they talk about your dick too lol, but in a much different way. Does everyone know how tiny your penis is? Or does no one talk about it at all?

There's just something so forgettable about your tiny dick, and your name, I've forgotten about both already lol. So from now on your name is 'metric dick'. You will only be referred to by me as 'metric dick'. And I have to say that's me being very generous because it could be 'millimeter dick', because your cock is so fucking small. And since your cock is useless and tiny, so tiny that your wife's friends talk about it, what part of you is useful? Maybe I could use your ass?

Would that tiny tiny micropenis, millimeter metric dick ever be of use to anyone? No, so why don't we put your ass to use lol? I mean some part of you has got to be useful to me. Maybe if I stretch you out and I put you to work and I start using your holes, then maybe one day you could take my cock, which is Much bigger than yours. That just might make you useful lol. Mine is big like a soup can lol. I hope that won't bring up any weird memories for you lol. Or maybe we can forget about the soup can thing altogether and I can just bring you in for a session, with your wife, and she can watch me fuck you in the ass, and watch you become useful sexually lol. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm sure you've always wanted to watch your wife with another woman. But did you imagine it would be your wife and your dominatrix laughing while your ass gets fucked?

I just thought of the funniest thing! LOL! I was looking at your cock and I was thinking how could anyone grab it and hold on? LOL!!! I mean it's a human centipenis! LOL! It's even smaller than a micropenis! LOL! What could anyone ever do with that? LOL! I wonder how many times you've unzipped your pants and made a woman laugh before LOL? I'll bet they couldn't even see it! LOL! Micropenis man, microdick boy, guess what? You have a really small cock. LOL!

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