Bimboi Lab - Transition Counselling

My name is Daisy and I am your adjustment counsellor. My job is to help you come to terms with the life-changing procedures you are about to undergo at the Bimboi Lab. At 8am tomorrow you will be prepared for surgery and taken to the theatre for 10am. By 4pm you will be taken to the recovery suite where you will awake to your new female body. The mirror over the bed will provide you with a full view of the 2 x 1000cc breast implants our surgeons intend to squeeze under your chest, the tiny waist you will be given with the help of body sculpting and rib removal. Your ass will be enhanced with a BBL. Your body will look as incredible as your pretty doll-like face. High cheekbones, big doe eyes, and pumped-up lips. You will be ultra-feminised from head-to-toe, all courtesy of the Premium Bimboi pack your new owner selected for you.

You will lie in the recovery suite for several weeks - staring at your reflection as you slowly heal. Just as you are beginning to recognise your new girly identity you will be taken to the training wing of the Bimboi Lab for reprogramming. Your new owner has some specific requirements for you, patient 869. Your mind will be bleached - you will forget your life as a boy - your thoughts, your opinions, your accomplishments, your ambitions - all gone - replaced only with fake bubble-gum-bimbo thoughts and interests. Your mind will be full of make-up, pink shoes, girly clothes, how to look extra-pretty, dumb thoughts and ditzy ideas. Your only concerns will be how to make your new owner happy - how to keep him totally satisfied and how to look totally cute while doing so.

Your final month before delivery will be spent in the exercise rooms in the basement levels of the Bimbo Lab. Here you will be taught how to act the way your new owner wants you to. You will be taught to walk and talk like a bimbo, given an exaggerated girly wiggle and a pretty little voice. You will be paraded in the most impossible heels, trained to dance and serve in them and you will learn how to dress according to your new owner's specific requirements. Short skirts, pretty uniforms and the cutest lingerie sets to show off your new dream-girl body. But we save the best until last, patient 869. The sexual identity allocation rooms. This is where you are prepared for the life your new owner really wants for you - you are going to be taken to the BDSM chambers to train for the life of bondage and your new owner has instore for you.

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