AstroDomina - CUCK THERAPY

It's time for your weekly therapy session. Dr Sydney has last week's notes handy from your wife's session with Dr Sydney. She's about to go over the notes with you. First of all, it turns out that your wife loves you and is attracted to you but she feels trapped by the confinement of a traditional relationship. So what she would like to do is open up the relationship, spread her wings and experience some other people. Are you open minded enough to accept this? Clearly you are since you're getting all turned on already. You're already showing your boner, even with your pants on. Sydney suggest an exercise, to get to know you a little better. The exercise involves you pulling down your pants and bringing out your boner. And that's when Sydney mentions another reason why your wife wants to fuck other guys. Clearly your penis size isn't up to par. Sure, you can take of your wife's emotional and financial security. Now you'll have to let other men take care of her sexually

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