Goddess Natalie - SPH from two hot goddesses

If one girl says it, you can still think she's wrong, but when two girls are looking at your cock and laughing while they keep on saying it looks pathetic, then there's no freaking doubt it is just that! hahah I mean, that's not even a real cock anyway, is it? It is just a penis, cause cocks are way bigger than that! What's wrong, huh? You're starting to get turned on while reading this? How fucking pathetic! You're a total weirdo, you know? I mean, who the heck gets hard from being humiliated about the size of his cock? lol but....whatever floats your boat, I guess! Get ready though, cause this is gonna be pretty intense, given that we're 2 girls humiliating you at the same not, instead of only one haha you might end up crying, loser!

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