Goddess Jessi Belle - Hardcore Fat Humiliation

You are such a fat, disgusting loser. You know that and that is why you buy these videos. You know how nasty you look. The thought of you makes me sick. You are a blob, not a person! When was the last time you could even see your dick?

I bet as soon as you got fatter it started to cover your dick. Can you even touch it anymore? You'd think that you'd see this and I dunno, maybe try to lose weight so you didn't lose your dick, but you love food too much.

Think about how much food you eat and how many people that could feed. I wonder how you afford to eat like this. I wonder how much more money you could give me if you stopped eating like a fat fuck.

I bet you smell so bad. You are so fat you cannot clean yourself. I bet you cannot get under your fat rolls to clean. I bet you absolutely stink. You are not only fat, but you smell fucking terrible too. The thought of seeing you naked makes me feel sick to my stomach.

From head to toe you are so nasty that no one would ever want to be around you.

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