Bellatrix Bandit - Final Friendzone

In this immersive macabre roleplay - you have the point of view of a special volunteer. You have a few kinks and I know a little bit about them. We have been invited to the home of a handsome photographer for a little experiment. He would like to see my raw natural reaction to some of your more intense fantasies. No one will be in danger, but we want you right on the threshold. On the more vanilla side, I know you are a fan of feet. My bare feet excite you but the truth is obvious. You are not a part of this arrangement in any romantic way. My bubbly energy entices you but you know you are no match for the charm of my photographer friend. Your place is to be... sacrificed for his art ; )

*This clip was originally a non-exclusive custom video. Would you like to become one of my directors? Let's bring you fantasy to life!

MP4 * 1.25 GB * 00:16:42 * 1920x1080

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