Mistress Nova - Bullied By Real Men

A monologue that describes your power over me, because all you have to do is make a phone-call and in an instant "real men" will be dispatched to deal with me. To beat and to bully me. This clip is different from standard femdom bully clips, in that is doesn't mention being bullied by women per se, but rather the power you have over countless male goons to deal with me. Something like your own private army. Please mention how I am terrified of being bullied by real men, and that all it takes is you flexing your mobile phone to the camera as a kind of secret language - to demonstrate that just a shake of your phone translates that it would only take a simple phone call to have your alpha male friends beat the fuck out of me. I should beware the phone. You frequently punch the palms of your hand, as if to hint at what I can expect for being a beta-male loser, terrified of physically dominant alpha-men that you control.

MP4 * 613 MB * 00:10:53 * 1920x1080

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