Goddess Kaylie - A Risky Little Relapse-Fantasy Drain

You tried to quit findom (again!) but it's not going well, is it? No, but that's okay. You just need a taste of findom, a small slip, then you can get back on track. So we'll do a super easy drain, one that will give you your fix without getting way out of control. But is one short little drain going to be enough for you? It's so easy for sending a little to pull you so much deeper and that makes this a very risky move for someone as weak as you...

If you get to the end of this drain and are desperate for something more destructive, follow it up with "A Quick And Cruel Relapse-Fantasy Drain." (Let's be realistic: just buy the two together.)

Obedient Loser :

MP4 * 524 MB * 00:09:02 * 1920x1080

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