Princess Camryn - Mesmerist Enslaves Men

I’m a specialist in a FemDom mesmerism. Men come to Me to be enslaved by Me via mesmerism. I must warn you of the side effects of the process. You will yearn to be dominated by Me, and will find yourself floating on the soft, slick satiny waves of submission. At first you will find yourself deeply addicted to Me. As the process proceeds, you'll discover that the addiction has turned into Love.

Breathe deeply of my perfume; you'll find it to be very relaxing-let it weaken you. That's what it was made for; for weak little men like yourself. It's made with very special pheromones.

In the future you will stroke to me constantly, forming worship pools of your seed for Me. I am aware of your sexual fetishes, and I will deepen their hold on you...forever!.

Let yourself go...let me take care of my helpless a good boy for your Me.

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