Princess Kitty Cash - your three MANTRAS - makes you my perfect PAYDRONE

Jerkoff-zombie - just look what I turned you into: Since you fall for me everything else dosn't matter any more and all you want is to send me money while stroking your paypig-cock. You realy enjoy that kick and secretly wish to get even deeper into this vicious cycle to become more mindfucked and manipulated. For this purpose I'll give you three wonderful mantras now with whose you will get trained daily! Three little, simple sentences which I visually connect with the things you adore the most on me: My gorgeous smile, my middlefinger and my ass. From now on you have to practise your mantras every day; with this clip and all the others you watch until they're deep-seated in your head to reach their full potential. Your sanity will give way to the words that you speak out automatically when ever I grin or show you my middlefinger. You'll about to become my mindwashed, helpless puppet with which I can play just like I want and who is ready to do everything for his devine sovereign without hesitating!

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