Empress Jennifer - BB Dick Duties

Did you have fun waiting here all night? Well, I had tons of fun while out.. I was actually thinking about you lol surprising, I know. Me and My man were talking about how excited you must be back at the hotel. Waiting and fantasizing about the treat I told you I was going to give you.. Hilarious, thinking about how sticky your pants most likely are because you know once Him and I get back we will be giving our little cuck bitch something he can ooze and squirt to LMAO. Getting to watch us fuck would be the honor of your life. you would love to watch and hear us... haha sex must be so weird for a loser. Cuz you never have... just watch it LOL.  But I thought about it.. and if I did let you, it just wouldnt work out. I mean it would be great to have our cuck bitch that just paid for our night sit there and get aroused and tormented all at once with our love romping.. but seriously, you have the small dick EVER. And that not only an eyesore that ruins all sexual moods, but a penis that small should NEVER get any ounce of sex. So, instead.. I will reroute you to your little bby-dick duties..

MP4 * 1.66 GB * 00:11:55 * 1920x1080

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