TheTabithaJane - Witch Turns You Into Garbage

There were a lot of other homes you could have broken into and a lot of women you would have been able to subdue, but as you wake up at the feet of your Stealer it's immediately obvious that you've made a huge mistake on both counts. Being stuck like this is the least of your worries as the witch casts another spell, this time making it perfectly clear how she feels about lowlife home-invading trash like you. Almost as soon as it starts it's over, your whole body having disintegrated into a loose mix of dirty garbage and held tightly by your thin and shiny black plastic skin. But simple inanimation is not quite the end of your story. No, she needs you to understand just how pathetic your new existence is and to that end she grants you back your mind and senses, even letting you look through her own eyes for a moment so that you may see yourself as the bloated bag of smelly garbage you've become. Your impotent rage and empty threats seem only to amuse the beautiful sorceress further as she reads them from your mind effortlessly; she knows that with a little toying and teasing she would soon break you into accepting your humiliating fate. You'd better guard your mental state carefully, or you may find that you're not even complaining when she dumps you in her trash can and wheels it to the curb... As she's prepping for her date night she toys with all the things you'll have to see and hear as sentient trash before her suitor takes you to the curb. You'll probably even have other garbage piled on top of you. Sometimes she even lets you see through her eyes as she ties the knot on the top of your revolting plastic body. You're stinky, useless trash that can be tossed around and abandoned. Just a plasticine bystander of what used to be human.

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