Goddess Alexandra Snow - Secretary Fuckover, Part 1

Your secretary has gotten quite fed up with your unprofessional behavior.. The leering, the inappropriate jokes, the staring at her body. She decides to take things into her own hands when she brings you a cup of coffee that morning. As she rattles off the things you need to do that day, you start to feel warm and flushed. Your cock begins to get hard and you feel the need to touch it. She laughs as she begins to tease you. She reaches down between your legs and begins to stroke your erection through your pants.. you can't believe this is happening! Things start to spiral out of hand when she shows you the recording device cleverly designed as a bluetooth headset. She's been recording the whole thing and has some new rules about how the office is going to work.Who's the boss now? She is.

MP4 * 154 MB * 00:10:06 * 854x480

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