Princess Aurora - Bratty Twitch Gamer Girl Humiliates Perverts In Her Stream

So I'm going to be playing all day today. I'm really on a good streak guys. I hope you're going to enjoy watching me play. My timing is just so on today, I'm leveling up! I'll probably be on for like four or five hours. It's going to be so much fun! I just got this new upgraded controller and the reactions on it are just excellent! Watch this! It's totally transformed the gaming experience for me. Hang on, I haven't been paying attention to any of you. Sorry, I was so deep in the game. Here let me pause a sec to read the screen and see who's here.

Ugh what are these comments? Some of them are like sooooo in appropriate. What the hell?! I'm literally just playing a fucking a game and you disgusting perverts have to sexualize everything, don't you? You don't give a fuck about watching me game, do you? No, you don't. And I'm completely fed up with perverts like you entering my stream. I'm sick of seeing your dirty disgusting comments. I mean this isn't porn, I'm just gaming! And I'm sick of you perverts coming in here just to perv on me. You are disgusting perverts and you need to be told!

Do you think I sit here and stream for you to get off? Hell no loser! I'm here to play games and have fun with respectful people, but that's not what you are, are you? No, you're not respectful, you're not here for my gaming, you're just a disgusting pervert, and today I'm going to call you out on my stream in front of everyone. Yea, that's right loser, I want everyone to know that you're a dirty fucking pervert who pervs on Twitch girls. You come in here and sexualize me without my consent. And I think it's time you were publicly humiliated and shamed for being so pathetic that you get off to Twitch streamers.

So I'm going to humiliate you and tell everyone what a fucking loser pervert you are. You're disgusting and perverted. But you're probably not ashamed, I'll bet you do this all the time to all kinds of gamer girls. You just hop from stream to stream looking at hot girls and jerking your pathetic dick. You're pathetic. You know there's plenty of porn on the internet if you want it. But no, you choose to come here and perv and jerk to girls who aren't even trying to get you off. We're not making porn here, idiot. I'm going to ban all you perverts from my stream and I never want to see you in my room again, pervert! You're disgusting and you're trying to belittle everything I'm trying to do by turning this into a sexual thing and I have had it with perverts like you!

You should feel disgusting and pathetic. You are absolutely vile. I normally just ignore your filthy comments but I'm fed up and never again will I let you get away with being so disgusting and perverted in my room. Perverts like you should be humiliated. You should know exactly what girls like me think of you. And hot girls don't want anything to do with dirty perverts like you. Nobody wants you and that's why you have to creep on hot girls on the internet, don't you? You're too fucking cheap to go and buy porn so you hop on my twitch stream and try and get off for free. Well I'm sick of it, you're disgusting and I'm banning you!

I want you to feel ashamed and utterly humiliated. You should be embarrassed of yourself. Never ever again will you get to jerk your perverted cock for free to my twitch stream. I'm going to tell all the girls so that you get banned everywhere and never get to perv on a Twitch streamer ever again. We're just here to game and have a good time, why do you have to ruin it? I don't want your sad dick getting off to me. You're a fucking pervert! I just want to play games, I don't want to deal with you or think about you jerking off to me! Ewwww! I don't need to deal with dirty little freaks like you, loser. I fucking hate you. So get the fuck out of my stream, you're banned! Now fuck off!

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