Lindsey Leigh - SPH Pity Fuck Humiliation

We've gone on a couple dates now and have not had sex yet. I keep pushing the subject and tonight I am not taking "no" for an answer. You either need to show me your dick and put out or I am going to dump you. With the threat of losing me you decide to do what I demand. Once your boxers are pulled down my demeanor and face completely change. "Is that how big your dick gets? It's so small? Let's try it and see if it even works I guess". You mount me and begin thrusting while I continue humiliating you. "Are you even in? I only feel the weight of your body. Ok, get off me". You sit back ashamed and then I notice you've cum. "So not only do you have a tiny dick you're a premature ejaculator!?" I say with disgust. I begin laughing and mocking you as I leave the room.

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