Goddess Jessi Belle - I Need You

No one ever tells a loser that they need them, who could possibly want to have a loser around? But I am going to change that, see I do need you. Without losers like you who would I humiliate and degrade? Real men don't want to be humiliated or told they have a little dick. This is something only a loser would want.

I need you around so I can remind you that you are a loser with a little dick that can't even get a pity hand job. You're here to buy my videos, without you I am without a job. Lucky for me there is no shortage of losers, so my job can go on forever! The demand is always there.

I don't need to go looking for losers like you, you are just always around and you come find me! No one else will say they need you, but me and that's just so I can profit off of your loser life.

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