Divine Empress Kamryn - Be My Kafir Forever

How far would you go, for me, my slave? You asked yourself many times. And yet, the answer has always been the same one. You'do do everything you can. For Goddess. Even if that means committing the greatest sin there could ever be. Even if it means turning into a kafir. Even if it means proclaming shahadah. Oh yes, I'm sure you're ready for it. All the worshipping to me and neglecting of your god served you right. They prepared you for this moment. In the name of Empress Kamryn, you'll live until the rest of your days. I'll have you proclaim shahadah. I'll have you saying my mantra, that you'll repeat after me, for 3 times, setting your forehead on the ground and coming up and down, to vow to worship me and forsake your religion forever. This is truly the greatest sin ever. There won't be a way back and you'll be condemned to hell. And you'll accept it. Because..you won't be just a kafir.. but my kafir. You'll worship me, Empress Kamryn, as your god. Forever.

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