Goddess Alexandra Snow - Quest for Humiliation

I know you love to be humiliated. You're constantly searching for ways in which women can degrade you. I'm sure it started off small. Some beautiful woman called you a loser and that spark lit this fire within you for humiliation. But being called loser isn't enough for you anymore. You needed to do more to be humiliated for it. You want to be broken down and thrashed for every little thing about you. Your tiny dick, your sexless life, even your annoying habits. You crave that degradation. You're doing more and more just to be humiliated for it. You've consumed disgusting and embarrassing things. You've put all manners of things inside of you. You've locked and shamed your cock in new and extraordinary ways. You're addicted to this feeling. Your pulse quickens and your cock grows hard whenever you think of a beautiful woman humiliating you. Lucky for you, loser, there's plenty to humiliate.

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