Worship Jasmine - Your Online Girlfriend

Your whole life you have longed for that intimacy. To have a partner, feel love and have sex. All of which you haven’t managed to succeed at but my clips have given you company. They’ve got you off and they’ve helped fill that void in your life.

Haven’t you dreamt about caressing the soft skin of a female, kissing and making love over and over? Of course you have. Wet dream after wet dream. You’re going to make love today, to your hand like you do daily. I want you to imagine it’s your longed for girlfriend because right in front of you is the only girlfriend you will ever have an ‘online’ girlfriend you aren’t ever going to meet, touch or even know that you exist!

You have become so hooked on me that you don’t even want to venture to the outside and try to adapt. You will continue to drool and lust after your ‘online girlfriend’. How fucking pathetic do you feel!

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