Bratty Bunny - You're Gay

I love that you are Gay. It’s a positive thing! I swear. It’s actually a very sexy thing that you are gay. I know what you truly are. There’s no need to hide it any more. I find it interesting that you’re such a faggot and love to receive anal from men. See? I know it all. Be honest with yourself. I know exactly what you want, it’s penis in your mouth and in your ass. A nice hard cock in your hand. No humiliation here, I want you to embrace it. Little fag bottom bitch. It’s a good thing! And I know you’re in the closet now, it’s time for a change. It’s time for you to get out and let the world know! Time to open the door and tell everyone what a faggot you are. You want that dick in your gay asshole and that is OKAY!

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