Kiki Daniels - Crueldating

Welcome to where we match fucktards like you to hot girls who just want to exploit you. All of our girls are unobtainably beautiful, intelligent and dominant. They have grown up knowing the effect they have on weak losers like you. They know exactly how to manipulate you into doing whatever they want you to do, and into giving them whatever they want. They understand that submissive wimps, like you, worship them and can provide an easy source of entertainment and finance. Once you have cleared the registration process your profile will be passed to the girls for selection. All beta males are locked into a chastity device before their profiles are made available to the girls. You will be required to provide us with photographs – these will be humiliating and incriminating. You will be photographed in panties and in chastity and you will be clearly identifiable. This is to ensure your Cruel Girlfriend has the upper hand over you from the outset. Usually a beta wimp will be selected by one of our girls within days of signing up and your new life as a submissive ‘boyfriend’ will begin. I have just the girl in mind for you too loser. She has ’10’ looks and is an expert in humiliation – She’s gonna LOVE you. She wants to be matched with a total wussy who will pay for her dates with real men, keep her apartment clean and tidy, and accept all the humiliating things she enjoys inflicting on her wimps. She’ll parade you around as her ‘subby-boyfriend’, make you take 2 or even 3 jobs to pay for her lifestyle, and keep you permanently teased and denied in that chastity device. In case you haven’t worked it out loser – the girl I have in mind is Me!

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