Worship Goddess Jasmine - Hopelessly Addicted To Me

It's true, from the first moment you set your desperate little eyes on me you was hooked. I did something to your weakened state that sucked you deep within and it felt good. Your addiction instantly grew out of control. Normal day living was irrelevant but serving and worship me was a priority to you.

You adore me, love me, worship me and I think nothing of you. You would give anything for my attention and I would crush you in an instant. You are nothing but a working worm for me to ensure my live is full of luxury and my bratty, green demands are met. Your love for me grows daily and my hate for you increases. The more I hate you, the more you love me. You was put on this earth to serve women, to be used, abused and in anyway they see fit. You need to be dominated by me and you need to be a good little addicted for me. Your loser status really gives your worthless life some meaning.

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